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Leroy and Glenna "Sue" Petz started the company in 1974 with a customer-centric focus that is still embraced and supported by every Petz Enterprises employee today.
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Petz Enterprises, LLC At a Glance
Type Privately Held
Industry Tax Software
Founded 1974
Founders Leroy E. Petz, Sr.
Glenna "Sue" Petz
Executive Team: Leroy E. Petz, Jr.
Charles W. Petz, CPA
Craig I. Petz
Headquarters   Tracy, CA
Regional Offices Orlando, FL
Area Served Nationwide
Petz Enterprises' history spans more than five decades of innovation.

1960's 1970's 1980's 1990's 2000's 2010's

The 1960's

In the early 1960's, as the boom of the post-war era began to fade, Leroy Petz, Sr., looks for ways to supplement the income from the family farming operation in Northern California. The tedious task of manually preparing an often erratic farm payroll is a common problem in need of a solution. Founded as Agricultural Computations or Ag-Comp, the family business is started in 1964 to supply accounting forms and wage/tax charts to agri-business firms.

The Petz family develops, produces and distributes these first products from their home in Tracy, California. Within a few years, these simple, yet innovative products garner a substantial following among farmers around the country.

The 1970's

As the company grows, so does the need for outside computing services. Through a partnership with a local university, a computer service bureau for payroll tax processing and reporting is started. Ag-Comp begins delivery of on-demand wage and tax processing for its agri-business customer base.

The company is incorporated in the State of California as Petz Enterprises, Inc. in 1974.

Eventually, the company builds its own in-house data center and moves service bureau operations from San Jose to the Tracy headquarters. Payroll processing expands well beyond the original farm focus to include the manufacturing, distribution, and construction industries.

As computer prices fall in the late 70's, demand for the service bureau business model begins to decline. Petz Enterprises, Inc. forms a dealer relationship with Retail Sciences, Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia to sell and support Peachtree Accounting and Payroll software. By the end of the decade, the company has transitioned to the delivery and support of custom accounting systems to end-users.

The 1980's

Petz Enterprises develops a strong regional presence as a value added reseller (VAR) that builds, installs and maintains business accounting applications and systems infrastructure.

Through the decade the company expands its portfolio of systems and applications to include the mid-range version of the PeachTree™ product line, custom products for wholesale distribution management, RealWorld™Accounting, ProMation™ Job Costing, Man-Trak™ Applications for Manufacturing and custom database applications.

During this period, the company installs and maintains custom-built accounting, payroll and tax management systems for mid-market companies around the western United States.

In 1988, a meeting of commercial software developers with the Internal Revenue Service spawns development of what was later launched as the CrossLink Electronic Filing System. The new Petz Enterprises service is to provide the software, infrastructure and technical services for commercial tax software products to electronically transact individual income tax returns with the IRS.

The 1990's

The CrossLink Electronic Filing System goes to general release and the company is transformed from a professional services firm to a provider of packaged software and information services.  However, this heritage of personalized customer support and services stays with the company and shapes our vision of delivering real software solutions through the balanced union of people and technology.

Petz Enterprises is awarded a contract by the State of California in 1991 to develop the new electronic tax filing system for the California Franchise Tax Board.

In 1994, revenues from the electronic filing and tax related financial services eclipse all other product lines. Petz Enterprises divests itself of the accounting systems business and shifts full focus to the tax applications and electronic filing market.

The CrossLink product line is expanded in 1995 to include preparation of federal and state individual income tax returns. While electronic filing remains an important component of the product line, development and services move strongly into tax computation, compliance and practice productivity.

The 2000's

Petz Enterprises creates its first internet venture with the launch of the TaxBrain Online Tax Center. The infant product extends the company's core competencies of tax computation, electronic banking, and information services to a new audience of consumers.

Petz Enterprises makes a major investment in the expansion of the TaxBrain Online Tax Center in 2002 to serve a broader audience with a full line of preparation, advice, electronic filing, and financial services.

Consolidation in the professional tax software marketplace in 2008 creates an opportunity to acquire the experience and skill of a group of tax industry resources in Bellevue, Washington.  Petz Enterprises quickly steps in and opens an office in Bellevue to provide service, training, analysis and sales presence in the Pacific Northwest.

The 2010's

Continued industry consolidation creates another expansion opportunity in Georgia, an area that Petz Enterprises has already identified as strategic to continued growth. In September 2010, Petz Enterprises opens a new location in Rome, Georgia to support growth in the Southeast. In March 2015, Petz Enterprises opens an office in Orlando, FL to further bolster operations and support in the East.

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